The sunflower which is named for the sun that provides us with life and energy. It is a flower that symbolizes warmth, health and good nature. Sunflower continually face the sun, absorbing the light’s nourishment which is passed on in the form of sunflower seeds. Once the sunflower blossoms, however, it no longer follows the sun-the unselfi sh sunfl ower only takes as much as it needs.

Sunfl ower Vegetarian Restaurant wishes to follow the example of the spirit of sunfl ower. With these ideas in mind, we take great pride in introducing more and more people to vegetarianism, and thus, help to avert such disasters of the Earth as war, fl ood, drought and disease. In gratitude for these precious gifts from our earth, we should try to preserve our nature and ensure that others will be able to share with in the fortune. Ironically, the Earth is being destroyed by the wisest of all creatures: human beings. Our sense of nature tells us that if we try to conserve and to prevent waste, such as killing fewer animals, we can maintain the balance that so critically affects of peace and harmony we enjoy in our lives.

These ideas also differentiate Sunfl ower from other vegetarian restaurants because we emphasize taste as well as health values. Our menu features Japanese, Chinese and Continental style dishes; however, our preparations are as far removed from traditional foods because we constantly strive to maintain the highest qualities in health, taste and conservation.

Many selective items are imported directly from their original sources in order to ingredients and vegetable substitutes for ‘mock’ meat, poultry and seafood. Everything is natural fl avor enhances (i.e., kelp powder, kombu, sea salt, gomashio, ,organic brown rice syrup, , fresh root vegetables etc. ) are used in our dishes.

We hope that every dish you have on Sunflower will convince you that you are not only doing something great for you own body, but also for our world.

How wonderful to slow down and be peaceful,
How wonderful to eat with friends,
How wonderful to share this time of peace and gratitude.

“O’ Heavenly Father,
We thank thee for food, and remember the hungry,
We thank thee for health, and remember the sick,
We thank thee for friends, and remember the friendless,
We thank thee for freedom, and remember the enslaved,
May these remembrances stir us to service,
That thy gifts to us may be used for others, Amen.”

*Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby)